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Invoice Factoring, Inventory and SR & ED Tax Credit Financing from TCE Capital

TCE Capital is a Canadian financial services company offering cash flow funding via Invoice Factoring, Inventory and SR & ED Tax Credit Financing and other alternatives to Bank financing. TCE Capital is a Funder not a Broker. This means we finance transactions from our own resources.

Founded in 1992, TCE Capital is committed to helping your business overcome short term cash flow challenges by converting your company’s assets into cash. Traditional Bank financing can be difficult to obtain. Even if you are fortunate enough to have financing in place, it is often insufficient to fund the growth of your business.

Invoice Discounting:
Growth can create working capital pressures as a company struggles to meet increased financial obligations. As a result, many growing businesses turn to Invoice Discounting, also known as Accounts Receivables Factoring, as a practical alternative to traditional financing. Invoice Discounting enables your company to convert accounts receivables into immediate cash, without diluting equity or incurring debt.

Asset Based Financing:
In addition to Invoice Discounting, TCE Capital provides financing facilities secured by inventory as well as equity in equipment and/or real estate.

SR & ED Tax Credit Financing
TCE Capital finances Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credits.

TCE Capital Funding can help your business

Expand its operations
Meet payroll obligations
Keep suppliers current
Take advantage of early payment discounts
Make government tax payments on time

TCE Capital’s financing facilities are structured in the following ways: TCE Capital finances companies throughout the financial spectrum; from start-ups to rapid growth to public companies.

Client does not have Bank Financing: We will finance companies without an established track record or companies turning around operating losses which do not yet qualify for Bank financing.

Bulge Financing: An excellent fit for those situations where clients wish to retain their existing Bank financing but require additional funding to meet their working capital requirements.

Bridge Financing: Moving from one Bank to another is time consuming and difficult. TCE Capital can provide funding quickly that will allow business owners to focus on operations rather than financing. This gives them the time and resources needed to coordinate an orderly changeover.


Decisions are made within 48 hours
You deal with decision makers, not Brokers
TCE Capital works closely with you, your advisors and your Bank
TCE Capital specializes in working capital financing

Contact TCE Capital today at (800) 465-0400 for additional information on working capital and cash flow funding programs available through invoice discounting, accounts receivables factoring, inventory and SR & ED tax credit financing.

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